Replacing The Display in an FIU-932 Interface Unit

These are instructions for replacing the OLED display in a 932.

You will need these things to begin:

Step 1: Put the 932 into the root menu (showing AUTOCONFIGURE in the top row), then disconnect it from the power supply. If your display is completely dark that makes it harder to know if you have selected the root menu. In that case please install Arkeya on a computer and use it to put the 932 into the root menu.

Step 2: Make sure you have the flashing cable, but don't connect it yet.

Step 3: Follow the instructions in 932OpeningTheCase to open the case. If you do this first step wrong you can wind up with a much more complicated repair job!

Step 4: The display is attached to a black plastic block. Detach that block from the printed circuit board by removing the two screws from the board underside.

Step 5: Lift the display and block up gently to reveal the connector on the printed circuit board. The board mounted connector is a "zero insertion force" ("ZIF") socket -- there is a brownish lever on it that clamps the flexible connection into place. Lift the brownish lever up, away from the printed circuit board. The display is now free from the board.

This photo shows the display while it is still connected to the ZIF socket:


Step 6: Use strong isopropyl alcohol to remove the old display from the plastic mounting block. Do this at a distance from the interface unit and be very careful not to get any alcohol on the optical fibers -- that will damage them! Then attach the new display to the bloack using the double-sided tape.

Step 7: Put the new display "tab" into the connector on the printed circuit and clamp it in place by pushing the brownish lever down towards the board. It should snap into a locking position (not audibly, but in a mechanically convincing way!).

Step 8: Attach the new block to the board with two screws.

Step 9: Remove the clear protective cover film from the replacement display: there is a red tab on one side to help you do this without getting a fingerprint on the front surface of the OLED.

Step 10: Reassemble the enclosure.

Now, when you connect the power supply again you will see a black display until you update the firmware. To do that, please follow the instructions in 932FlashingFirmware.

In some cases the 932 will show "932" after power up and will not go into the root menu. To resolve this: disconnect power, then press in the knob on the front panel and hold it while re-connecting the power cable. When the knob is released the display should return to normal.

If you have any questions please email.
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