Flashing Trainer Firmware

This is a quick guide to help you install new firmware on a forp trainer.

Get the firmware hex file from us

We will email you a "hex" file to install. Please contact us for this so we can help you make the best choice about what you need. Save the file to a location where you can find it on your machine.

Install Arkeya

Download and install Arkeya. Instructions for that are on the download pages for each operating system in the File Download Area.

Once Arkeya is installed, you can check to make sure it "sees" the trainer which will be updated.

Confirm Arkeya "Sees" Your Trainer

When Arkeya is properly installed, and the standard USB cable is connected, you should see the trainer listed in the left hand side "Devices" list.


If the cable is connected but you don't see "Trainer" listed on the left, first click the "refresh" button.

Select the trainer device by clicking on it.

Finally, go ahead and do the update

Use the "Interface -> Update firmware from local file" to do this update. You'll need to navigate to the folder where you put the hex file, and select it.

Please wait until the upgrade is complete before trying to use the trainer.

(Please avoid the "Interface->Update Firmware over internet" option; that may install out of date firmware.)

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