Using the Scroll-Click Device with Birch

The BIRCH-OIU does not properly support the scroll-click device (M/N HHSC-SCRL-1) at the time of this writing. This page gives a stop-gap method for using the devices in their present form.

Following this method the USB output will work correctly but the display on Birch will not reflect the output as it should. So, if you have tasks already working with the USB output from another interface, they should also work with Birch.

Here's a workaround:

1. Select the scroll-click device manually

Tap on the 'hand' image and choose the 'Manually from a list' option.

Scroll down and then tap on the 'HHSC-SCRL-1' choice.

2. Choose the output mode

Tap on the '- choose an output mode -' button in the lower left.

Tap on either choice.

A window will briefly pop up asking you to spin the wheel to calibrate. Ignore that. It will go away after a few seconds.

3. Calibrate the scroll-click device

With a USB cable connected, and a text editor or terminal open on your computer, spin the wheel back and forth quickly. After 5 seconds or so you should see strings of tttt's and bbb's as you spin forward and backwards. And you should see g's when you press the wheel in.

At that point you can go on and collect responses into your task. You won't get good feedback about this from the Birch display at this point. This is a bug and should be resolved soon.

-- BenDugan - 31 May 2023
Topic revision: r1 - 31 May 2023, BenDugan
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