932 System Troubleshooting

When you have a problem using a 932-based fORP system, please tell us:

  • What the display shows -
    • all 3 lines (hardware interface, handheld type, and mode identifier/number)
  • How the handheld device is connected -
    • is it plugged directly into the interface, or through a removable bundle?
    • was it connected before power was applied to the interface unit?
  • What stimulus presentation/response program you are using, if any.
  • What is/are the serial number of the device(s) (This will be of the form 41nnnnn.)

Here are a few basic things to check:

1. Was the handheld device connected prior to the 932 being turned on?

  • important: The interface "looks for" the handheld device at power-up and sets some parameters based on what is connected.

If no handheld device is connected at power-up, and then the device is connected afterwards, it will probably not function correctly.

try: Connecting the handheld device (with or without the removable bundle) and cycling the power (unplug the power supply and then plug it in again).

2. Did it power-up correctly?

Are the LED indicators blinking properly when buttons on the handheld device are pressed?

If not, does the problem persist when the power supply is disconnected and re-connected?

3. Are the optical components (the handheld devices and fiber optic bundles) working correctly?

Again, this is usually best determined by pressing buttons and checking if the LED indicators respond correctly.

4. Is the correct handheld device indicated on the display?

The model number, which appears on the label on the handheld device, should match what is on the middle line of the display. For instance, if you using an HHSC-1x4-D button box, the middle line of the display should read "HHSC-1x4-D".

In some cases the system will work properly even though the display indicates a different handheld device than the one that is actually in use. But this mismatch indicates that either the handheld type was manually selected incorrectly by the user or, if AUTOCONFIG was used, that the interface incorrectly identified the handheld device.

try: Either manually setting the handheld type or selecting AUTOCONFIG so that the interface unit will interrogate the handheld device and try to identify it.

5. Are you getting a reasonable output using a generic program?

The quickest thing to check here is if you get USB output into a program like Notepad. This should show simple character output for any of the modes which are indicated on the 932 display's bottom line starting with "HID KEY ___".

If you are not getting what you expect in your stimulus presentation/response software (Presentation, EPrime, etc) its a good idea to check the output using a more generic program first. If you get correct output here, then getting it to work within your psychometric program is probably a matter of configuring the program. We may be able to help you configure your program, but you can probably get better help from the authors of that program.
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