932 Quick Setup Procedure

The 932 fORP system is designed to provide stable and reliable subject response from a variety of response devices. However, it is important to understand the basic set up procedure in general as well as specific procedures required for certain devices.

The 932 interface calibrates the fiber-optic light signal level for the response device WHEN THE FINAL USE MODE IS SELECTED. Because of this you must have your response device connected THE WAY YOU INTEND TO USE IT when the final selection for a mode is made. If you change the optical connections AFTER a mode is selected, it will produce an irregular or faulty response.

For best results always configure your system this way:

1. Apply power to the 932 interface.

2. Navigate to the Root Menu. Pressing the selector knob will present you with options to reconfigure which will take you to the Root Menu:

    MODE BY ID NO      

3. Connect your response device the way you intend to use it. Connections can be made one of two ways:
  • response device connected to removable bundle which is connected to the interface, or
  • response connected directly to the interface.

4. Connect your USB cable.


6. Confirm that the 932 has identified the device correctly. . The model number displayed should correspond to the model number (M/N) on the small white label on the underside of the device.

7. Make your selection from the list of output types. Choose BYGRT for letter response or 12345 for number response. NAR modes provide a repeating key response when a button is held down; this matches the behavior of normal keyboards.

8. The final use mode will now appear on the screen. Calibration for your mode occurs after you choose your output type, so be sure to leave your device completely undisturbed until the mode appears on the screen.

For example, in the case of an 8 button bimanual HHSC-2x4-C button box the screen will read:

  USB 000    
  HID KEY BYGRT        

9. Test for normal response using any generic text editing program. Check that each button press illuminates the corresponding LED on the front panel of the 932.

Special configuration cases

There are a few additional steps required to configure certain devices.

Joystick devices

Joystick devices, Tethyx and Gripforce, have a longer calibration period with a screen that indicates the progress. Your device must be left perfectly undisturbed for the duration of the calibration. The screen will appear this way:




It is recommended that you choose MANUAL CONFIG to configure the trackball. You must also manually calibrate the ball movement after making the final selection for your mode. The screen will appear this way:

  SPIN BALL      

Simply spin the ball in an upwards diagonal direction until the final mode appears.


We recommend that you choose MANUAL CONFIG to configure the scroll-click device. You must also complete calibration for the scroll movement in a separate mode. First select HHSC-SCRL-1 and USB, then choose SCRL WH CAL from the list of output modes:

    HID KEY TGB    

Once you select the calibration mode, the second and fourth LEDs on the 932 front panel will begin to blink. Move the wheel on the scroll-click up and down until both lights stop blinking. When both lights are illuminated hit the selector knob. Choose yes to save the calibration settings. Now repeat the manual configuration process to select the scroll-click use-mode.

If you have questions call 215-387-5456 Mon-Fri EST or email support@curdes.com
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