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Using a Dial (HHSC-1x1-DIAL) with the 932

First: The dial must be selected using the 'MANUAL CONFIG' option on the root menu -- it can not be detected automatically by the 932 interface.

If you choose AUTOCONFIG the 932 will probably incorrectly identify the Dial as a one handed pneumatic bulb device -- that is normal but not helpful behavior. If you find yourself there, start over and choose MANUAL CONFIG instead.

Second: Choose USB (not TTL)

Third: Choose either HID KEY TGB (to send keyboard keypresses to your program) or HID DIAL JOY (to send joystick data to your program).

Fourth: When the display shows "SPIN BALL TO CALIBRATE:" Move the dial so that the 932 interface can take readings from different positions on it and set the operating gains appropriately. Turn the dial back and forth (about 30°-50°) at a period of once or twice a second. A "good" calibration is indicated by front panel LED behavior on the 932 where clockwise rotations makes the right LED blink, and counterclockwise rotations make the left LED blink. If you see a few short blinks of the 'oppposite' one, that probably indicates that a momentary small reversal happened.

If the left and right LEDs are not showing clear directional information you should exit the operating mode and select it again so that the calibration can be repeated.

This brief video shows the mode selection and calibration steps. The calibration here takes only 2-3 seconds. With the bundle extension in place, calibration will take 15-30 seconds depending on the bundle length.

-- BenDugan - 30 Mar 2021
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